About Steve


My wife and I with our oldest grandchild. We now have 5…

This podcast is dedicated to bringing the good news of the reality that Jesus Christ is Lord and Creator of all things. My prayer is that you will grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus.

Our world is nearing it’s final days of God’s wonderful grace and all things being fulfilled in prophecy. Sending His only beloved Son to redeem us, Jesus came to earth to accomplish and fulfill all things and complete the mission to bring all men the opportunity to receive the FREE gift of salvation and redemption.

Originally, I began this podcast in 2008 and it was something I started doing to help my nephew in his faith walk in Christ. After that, I realized that others wanted to grow more too and the podcast was helping many more people than I thought.

So, I continue to “rightly divide the Word of Truth” as God gives me the ability, strength and zeal for His eternal Word.

This new year of 2016 is bringing some new ideas and style. I’m going beyond just bringing teaching, I want to bring you today’s breaking news and what the stories of today mean, relative to what God’s Word says about them. That is why the YouTube channel was created. Watch Videos On The YouTube Channel Here.

Thank you for your help and prayers!


God’s best!

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