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Enter My Place

peaceful manThis is my last podcast of the year 2010…

This new year will be another opportunity for you to “know Him better,” or it will just be another year.

For a Christian, there can never be “stagnation.” We live in a raging river of either “love or selfishness.”

With all God has provided for us… it would be a tragedy to be satisfied with “less than He intends” for you.

Decide, that this year, you’re tired of “settling” for this worlds way of “living.” Make this the best year of your life!

Happy New Year!

Light and Darkness

light and darknessAnd God said, “Let there be light… and God said, “It is good.”

And God “divided” the light from the dark. He separated the light from the dark…

What does this mean exactly?

Jesus was the “light of the world.” Is He the light of the believer?

Choose Real Life

Do you know what has never changed in thousands of years? People…

Some people don’t think the Old Testament has much value, since it has been replaced by a “New Covenant,” but, I disagree.

The Old Testament has great value for two main reasons…

It shows us that we could NEVER keep the law by trying to be holy with our own efforts, and it shows us that God has always desired to be personal in our lives.

The Bible says, “God is love.” Can a God of love be content with no one to love?

No more than you can without air to breathe.

When Jesus walked on this earth, He proved that God is love! He did it everyday of His life and in every act He performed!

Is The Birthday Over?

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Isn’t it a “birthday celebration?”

Not today it’s not! Not in the year 2010!

It’s become a “painful memory” of a claim that a man made over 2000 years ago that He was the “Son of the living God.”

Why do some people still celebrate His birthday into this world then?

“What harmony can there be between Christ and the Devil? How can a believer be a partner with an infidel?”

And yet now, the world calls a believer an infidel!

What Kind Of Investment Are You?

new testamentDo you realize that God is an Investor?

No, not in stocks, bonds or real estate… but, in people!

He has already made the investment. How He profits will be left up to you…

Did He make a good investment or not?

Did You Forget This About God?

I don’t know why people like to learn the hard way. We’ve all been there at one time or another, especially when we’re young.

“Don’t touch that stove… you’ll burn yourself.” WHY did we have to touch it?

Probably because:

  • we didn’t KNOW that it would burn us
  • we didn’t really believe the warning
  • we didn’t “feel” like listening to authority in our life, at the time
  • we thought we could “get away” with doing it…

Whatever the reason, we got BURNED!

Knowing the true character and nature of God’s love for us, will make us be more ready to obey. This podcast is about a too often forgotten part of God’s character.

You Don’t Know… What You Don’t Know!

Jesus dying on the cross

Many people think they’ve got all the facts…

Jesus was a good man…

Jesus was a prophet…

Jesus was a lunatic…

He couldn’t be who claimed to be…

The scriptures said one thing and I don’t think He was the One…

You Don’t Know… What You Don’t Know!

As Real As It Gets

Like the loving trust a baby has for his mother, that’s the same kind of trust we’re to have in Christ Jesus. He didn’t come to condemn you…

We already have plenty of people around in this world who are ready to do that!

But He didn’t come for that reason. He came to Save you!

Will you say “yes” to His offer or will you stay “condemned?”

Without Him as your Savior, you’ll die the same way you came into this world… condemned!

Miracle Grow

miracleMiracle Grow always amazes me because it really works and it does something to the soil that really brings plants and fruit to their most beautiful state.

Our “hearts” are the soil that God plants His seed in. Everyone falls into one of four categories in the parable Jesus taught.

They ALL heard the word, but different results came from hearing the SAME exact word. Why is that?

Jesus explains why and it’s the same reasons today that many are “fruitless.”

Preparation H

Preparation H imageWhat a parallel with the common hemorrhoid cream, Preparation H.

We all have this in common. No not hemorrhoids! The Preparation H part…

Listen to the podcast to hear what I’m talking about.

The Middle Group

stranded in boatYou’re going to come to an end…

That may offend some of you, but it’s true. I will, you will, we all will come to the end of our lives on this earth as we know them now.

Will you have a future after this life?

Don’t believe the lies of this world, like “everyone will go to heaven when they die”… NO they won’t!

That’s like believing someone telling you that “putting gasoline on your face is good for your complexion.”

But what does it take to be someone who gets this privilege?

The truth is… there is ONLY one truth! Don’t be caught “in the middle!”

Do You Know Who You Are?

Oh sure, we have many people try to define who we are… You’re my mailman, you’re my dentist, you’re my co-worker…

But, do you know who YOU are?

If you’re a Christian, do you really know who you are? Or, have you missed it, even though it’s the most important thing for you to know?

Words CAN Hurt Me

Remember the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but “words” can never hurt me?” Just another saying from people that didn’t know the Word of God.

Jesus said just opposite of that. And if you’re a child of God, it’s even more important what you “say.”

Our words are not just words anymore when mixed with a covenant relationship with God. They’re really a “revealing” of what’s in our heart…

Think words don’t really matter?

Where’s Your Bar?

The standard is set for life lived in this world, as either a child of God or a child of the devil…

The world’s way has somehow made it’s way into the church, but God’s standard has still not changed.

It never will change. Will you? Selfishness or Love? The world’s way or God’s way?

Real Trust

If you’ve been a Christian for any time, you probably know Hebrews 11:1… “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Children have faith, and are often used as examples of faith. LUKE 18:17 “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

What does that mean? Let me tell you what it means…. NOT having this kind of faith, is the very thing that breaks the heart of God. The only thing that made Jesus weep.

Listen in and discover what I mean.

Fear Is Not Faith

It seems simple enough. “Of course, I knew that already”…

But, did you know that when you try and enforce your will on another, you’re “walking in fear” also?

Christians have been called to “walk in love.” What does that really mean? Does it mean that we’re suppose to give everyone a “kiss kiss, Palm Beach hug and smile?”

All the Apostles spent time communicating what it means, but two Apostles spent a lot of time explaining it… (And one of them was His “half brother” James.)

Listen to this podcast and make sure you’re not “fooling yourself.”

Return To Love

Do you know what’s missing? Why was it the very first thing that Jesus addressed with the Apostle John in the book of Revelation?

When we want to go somewhere, we have to first start the car. Until the correct order of things we won’t go anywhere. We may have a full tank of gas… just changed the oil with fresh and washed and waxed the outside.

We’ll still sit there till the driver starts the car. What “starts” our car?

Apply The Benefits

If someone offers me a wonderful time in their 20 million dollar estate and tells me to make myself at home, using their kitchen, swimming pool, tennis courts, yacht, cars and whatever I would like… BUT, I never apply any of the benefits they offer me; won’t it be MY fault that I never “enjoyed” all the blessings offered?

Many Christians have not yet “applied” the many benefits that Jesus provided for us… through ignorance, hearing and believing “wrong teaching” and still walking according to their disobedient ways…

It’s time to start living in the “mansion!”

Gift Of Peace 2

The one thing that seems to be missing in so many Christians lives… PEACE.

Why? We all face trials, challenges and heartaches, but why do so many believers live as though Jesus never said, “My peace I leave with you… NOT as the world gives.”

How do we have that peace when everything around us seems to be falling apart?

Your Mind Or His?

This podcast in ONLY for those who “have ears to hear.”

It is a deeper message than many are ready to hear. If you judge yourself ready, than “dive right in.”

When the “natural” Meets the “supernatural.”

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