Resolution 2012

I don’t believe in making New Years resolutions that are things I decide to “DO.” (lose weight, exercise more, be nicer, reach my business goals… you know the usual stuff.)

Why? Because I’m a Christian. (You’re thinking, “what is he talking about?” Goals are good!)

I’m NOT saying it’s wrong to have goals and hopes and dreams, but I’m saying that anything you think you’ll be attaining from your own efforts is a weak “resolution.”

We need help. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a “Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers” for people wanting to diet.

When we finally realize we need help too, we’ll be on our way to reaching God centered goals in our lives.

My goal for this year? Keep “religion” as far away from me and my family as possible… Happy New Year!

The Law Lie…

LambTrying to bring the law into Grace is like “trying to fuel your car with straw”…
We use to have horses as a means of transportation, but we can’t “carry over” into a car, what was never meant to be used now.
Traditions and continued “wrong teaching” are the reason why so many are still “trapped” to a life of two worlds in the church.

Stop Changing Diapers…

stop changing diapersRemember back when you were growing up and you used to get “pains” in your body?

Those are called “growing pains.” We all had them, but now, some of us are so old, we don’t remember them.

But, we all grew up or at least grew older…

Growing and maturity isn’t easy, but it’s essential for Christians.

You can’t keep changing diapers forever…

Snakebite Forgotten

snake biting manYou probably NEVER heard a sermon about this sin…

And yet, it was considered to be in the same family as “sexual immorality, idol worship and the “BIG” ones” most preachers screech out at people.

But I don’t hear any one talking about it…

It is offensive to God… and especially coming from a Christian.

No Feeling, Just Faith

religious manMaybe if I pray enough… I’ll be worthy.

Maybe if I tithe enough… God will open the “windows of heaven” for me…

Maybe if I work harder to “be good” and do good… I’ll be healed.

Maybe if I fast longer God will… answer my prayers more.

And on and on the “false teachings” go.

God’s provisions are not obtained by any of these “methods.”


Many space shuttles and rockets have been launched and you and I probably were totally unaware that it even happened.

But the “countdown” is on now and most people still are not aware of it. It’s the countdown till Christ returns to take His church out of this earth to meet Him in the air.

That will trigger the beginning of the 7 years of God’s wrath and judgement on the devil and those who choose to follow his world system and worship him.

Just because we’re not aware of the countdown, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. Better be ready for this “countdown…” The clock is ticking.

Why Scoff?

tearing down crossThe time is coming soon when every “thing” that could remind people of Jesus Christ will be “torn down.” A statue of Jesus, a cross, a painting or any other reminder of the Name of Jesus will be removed by this man. Why?… because they don’t believe He ever came. The Apostle Peter said it in his second letter and the world will see it happen…

Blind Men Can’t Lead

poisonIf you’re going to a church where they preach “balance,” of mixing the Old Testament with the New Testament… GET OUT FAST!

Adding one drop of poison in a crystal clear glass of water, will still kill you if you drink it!

The same battle that the Apostle Paul fought is still being fought today.

Starving Royalty

starving royalty


Too many Christians look emaciated in their souls and spirits. Are you offended too, by the same thing that offended people when Jesus said, “Eat my flesh and drink my blood?”

You may be “royalty,” but why then are you “starving?”

Its OK To Hate

spiritual pride

I’m sorry to say, the “spirit of religion” is still NOT dead!

When I got this email recently, I knew I had just seen the UGLY spirit of religion for myself…

The most “judgmental” people in the entire world are the religious people. The ones full of law and spiritual pride!


Between Cold and Hot

lukewarm woman

The worst place to hang out if you’re a Christian…

No, it’s not a bar or any other stereotypical “sinners hangout”… It’s a spiritual hangout that made Jesus say, He would “spit you out of His mouth.”

Listen to the podcast and find out how, even when we find ourselves here, God STILL has a way out for us!

Storms Of Life



Just like the massive hurricanes, we face other storms and challenges in life.

Right now, people all over the East coast of the US are bracing and preparing for a potential “end of life” as they know it…

What about the “storm” of eternity? That will last MUCH longer…

Our Focus

looking at Jesus


It’s ALL about Jesus. When a believer keeps his eyes on Jesus and nothing else… his world changes.

Sounds simple right? It really is.


detours of lifeWhat does DDD stand for? I’m glad you asked that question…

These three things are what stands in our way, every single day. Sometimes more than others.

Listen to the podcast and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

What Do You See?

Jesus and DisciplesIs this all there is? I can’t see anymore than what I see…

Think again my friend. There is SO much more than what we see with these eyes.

Let’s take a look at what things really are…

Is Savior Enough?

Good shepherdWho are we trying to kid?

“If He didn’t “do” another thing for me in my entire life, He’s already done enough for me!”


Put your false religious piety away and just let Him be the Shepherd of your life!

Part 2 “Proof”

proof courtroomWe want proof! We won’t settle for opinions or someone else’s experiences…

The Bible is that proof that Jesus IS the Messiah. Other “religious” realms have NO proof and NO real foundation on which to build their faith.

They only build out from “emotions, opinions and false hope.”

A Christians “faith” is in the proven Savior. Proven to be who He said He is… This one fact separates this “religion” from all others…

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Part 1 “Proof”

A study Bible.

The people of the world that “mock” the Bible as being a “fairy tail,” are simply not knowledgeable of the facts. We all like “proof” of something being true or reliable.

The Bible includes “undeniable” facts. Why the church doesn’t spend more time on presenting these “facts,” I don’t understand.

In this podcast, I’ll share with you, the “miraculous facts” that prove Jesus IS the Messiah.

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Day Will Come

They’ve been saying it’s coming for over 2000 years now! The great return of God’s only Son… for His church.

No, it hasn’t happened yet… YET, is the key word in this…

It only means it hasn’t arrived yet, but it WILL happen as sure as the sun rises over the earth in the morning.


Gospel Of…

rocket scientistWhat Gospel do you think it is?

There’s ONLY one real gospel and that means that all the “other gospels” are not the “true Gospel”… right?

It’s not rocket science…

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