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What Is A Real Christian?

resting in JesusSome people don’t even know anymore what a Christian looks like unless it’s a Billy Graham or Mother Theresa.

But, it’s much more than what we appear to be to others in the world. It’s a relationship with God that has no substitutes.

I Am Sorry

sorry if you think you're a ChristianWritten by Erik D.

I am sorry if you believe that you are a good person and you will go to heaven

I am sorry if you think all your Christian good deeds will get you into heaven

I am sorry if you became a Christian because you thought it would make you rich and prosperous

I am sorry if you think your “favorite” sin is ok in Gods eye (more…)

The Secret To Power

power in JesusDo you want to know why you have not seen much fruit in your Christian life?

There are two things that you may have forgotten, but you need them to walk in the victory, joy and fruitfulness of Jesus Christ.

I hear “Grace” will do it all for you, but that’s not what Jesus said. His Grace is helping us move to that place, but these things you must NOT leave out…

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