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Hopelessly Confused

I live in a state that is being affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and there’s no better illustration of “pollution” than this situation.

The waters in the Gulf were once, some of the most beautiful waters anywhere in America. Will they ever be the same in our life time?

In the same way, when a Christian allows the “mindset” of the world to affect their right thinking, they become “polluted” too.

If you’re not really sure that we are in “the last days” before the Great Tribulation starts… listen to this podcast.

Battle For Your Mind

Newspapers, nightly news, commercials, radio, at work conversations, shopping and everywhere else we go in this world… there’s a “battle to capture your thoughts!”

There’s a battle to influence your “mindset.” Even more than that, there’s a battle to “kill, steal and destroy” your way of thinking into hopelessness and despair.

The “antidote” is simple, but ignored most of the time. Why is there such a battle for your mind? It’s where everything starts from.

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