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Everythings Changed (When Jesus Came)

Jesus with children, early 1900s Bible illustr...

Sometimes we think it’s a history book. Sometimes we see it as a book about different people and their frailties.

And it contains all those elements, but it’s really many books about One Person. When you see it that way… your life will change forever!

John got it right when he said, “Jesus did many other things. If they were all written in books, I don’t suppose there would be room enough in the whole world for all the books.” John 21:25

Lord Of Love

crossWho is this God whose love for us went way beyond “affection” to “passion” for us, that He would sacrifice His own life?

He is “The Lord of Love”… He is the “Gospel, the Good News, the Lord of Love” and He proved it!

Enemy Or Friend?

We deceive ourselves all the time. We believe the sales pitch that if we get that product, we’ll be so much better off than we are now…

If we have that new car, life will be more fun. If we make more money etc… But the biggest deception may be our lives as with money


How far would your car or truck go with no gas? How would your vacuum cleaner work if someone pulled the plug?

Obvious answer, for an obvious question, and yet Christians have been trying to live their faith without the “power” for years.

The result is the same… we don’t go very far at all.

Tomorrow WILL Come

Jesus on horseDid you know Jesus IS coming back? Are you acting and living like you know He’s coming back?

Many Christians are living like He never even came here to earth… Others, act like He’ll never be back again.

I read where He’ll be back on October 2011. Another group says it’s sometime in 2012…

Let me tell you when He’s coming back.

Did You Forget This About God?

I don’t know why people like to learn the hard way. We’ve all been there at one time or another, especially when we’re young.

“Don’t touch that stove… you’ll burn yourself.” WHY did we have to touch it?

Probably because:

  • we didn’t KNOW that it would burn us
  • we didn’t really believe the warning
  • we didn’t “feel” like listening to authority in our life, at the time
  • we thought we could “get away” with doing it…

Whatever the reason, we got BURNED!

Knowing the true character and nature of God’s love for us, will make us be more ready to obey. This podcast is about a too often forgotten part of God’s character.

As Real As It Gets

Like the loving trust a baby has for his mother, that’s the same kind of trust we’re to have in Christ Jesus. He didn’t come to condemn you…

We already have plenty of people around in this world who are ready to do that!

But He didn’t come for that reason. He came to Save you!

Will you say “yes” to His offer or will you stay “condemned?”

Without Him as your Savior, you’ll die the same way you came into this world… condemned!

The Dark Deception part 3

Are you giving more glory to Satan than you are to God? If you believe and walk in a lie… then you are!

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 doctorates in Biblical studies, have attended the “best” seminaries or been lauded by kings and leaders across the planet.

Are you a “doer” of the Word and not just a “hearer” of the Word? Do you accuse those who have faith and trust in God, who take Him at His word? If you do, you’re glorifying the devil more than you realize.

If you name the Name of Jesus, do what He says and believe what He says…  Luke 6:46  “Why do you keep on saying that I am your Lord, when you refuse to do what I say?”

No Stain No Wrinkle…

Of course, God wants all people “saved” and on their way to heaven, but He wants us to be ready when He returns…

At least that was the last thing He prayed for us about. Paul told the Ephesians the same thing.

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