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Context Matters

joyI’m so tired of the “misinterpretation” of God’s Word! Why? Because wrong teaching results in wrong believing!

Understand God. Know His love for you! Know His will for you. Know His Word and you will know all of that!

The Predestined Myth

predestination mythThere are TOO many false teachings about “Pre-Destination” and that has really confused and frustrated people that see that as a reason that we don’t need to share the Gospel, because some are just meant for “hell” anyway.

That teaching and doctrine is just as damnable as teaching that all people will go to heaven in the end anyway! Another lie of the enemy. And he has plenty if you don’t know the truth!

In this podcast, I’ll lay out the scriptures that will prove to you that predestination and the doctrine of it, have been mis-taught completely!

The Salvation Myth Taught In The Church

kingdomchild podcastThe time comes when you must know the Word of God for yourself and not go by what you’ve heard from many false teachers. Your life depends on it!

Even sincere pastors who don’t know the Word of God probably taught you wrong too. Why, because it’s a “doctrine.”

Every “denomination” has their own “doctrines” that they expect to be followed. They won’t allow the Bible to get in the way of what they believe and teach.

I won’t allow the “worlds mindset” or even the “so-called” church to get in the way of what the Word says about anything!

Identity Crisis

identity crisisI covered this topic in a past podcast, but it looks like once is NOT enough. There are still too many beleievers who are stymied about who they are.

Are they a sinner saved by grace or are you who God says you are? Can you be a sinner and a saint?

Can a dog be a cat too?


transformed kingdomchildBeing “born of the Spirit” happens the moment you ask Jesus into your heart and life and receive His miracle of “salvation.

But why are so many believers struggling with life, relationships and the trials that face them?

The answer is all in their mind…

No Feeling, Just Faith

religious manMaybe if I pray enough… I’ll be worthy.

Maybe if I tithe enough… God will open the “windows of heaven” for me…

Maybe if I work harder to “be good” and do good… I’ll be healed.

Maybe if I fast longer God will… answer my prayers more.

And on and on the “false teachings” go.

God’s provisions are not obtained by any of these “methods.”

Its OK To Hate

spiritual pride

I’m sorry to say, the “spirit of religion” is still NOT dead!

When I got this email recently, I knew I had just seen the UGLY spirit of religion for myself…

The most “judgmental” people in the entire world are the religious people. The ones full of law and spiritual pride!


Part 1 “Proof”

A study Bible.

The people of the world that “mock” the Bible as being a “fairy tail,” are simply not knowledgeable of the facts. We all like “proof” of something being true or reliable.

The Bible includes “undeniable” facts. Why the church doesn’t spend more time on presenting these “facts,” I don’t understand.

In this podcast, I’ll share with you, the “miraculous facts” that prove Jesus IS the Messiah.

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Enemy Or Friend?

We deceive ourselves all the time. We believe the sales pitch that if we get that product, we’ll be so much better off than we are now…

If we have that new car, life will be more fun. If we make more money etc… But the biggest deception may be our lives as with money

Tomorrow WILL Come

Jesus on horseDid you know Jesus IS coming back? Are you acting and living like you know He’s coming back?

Many Christians are living like He never even came here to earth… Others, act like He’ll never be back again.

I read where He’ll be back on October 2011. Another group says it’s sometime in 2012…

Let me tell you when He’s coming back.

Reconcile Contradiction

If God really is a God of love??????? Why are so many people suffering all over this world?

Only an answer “based on TRUTH” is the right answer!

The “IF” question… usually tries to contradict the “answer based on truth” and leans to opinion “without truth”…

Did You Forget This About God?

I don’t know why people like to learn the hard way. We’ve all been there at one time or another, especially when we’re young.

“Don’t touch that stove… you’ll burn yourself.” WHY did we have to touch it?

Probably because:

  • we didn’t KNOW that it would burn us
  • we didn’t really believe the warning
  • we didn’t “feel” like listening to authority in our life, at the time
  • we thought we could “get away” with doing it…

Whatever the reason, we got BURNED!

Knowing the true character and nature of God’s love for us, will make us be more ready to obey. This podcast is about a too often forgotten part of God’s character.

You Learned It Wrong

If you’ve been a Christian for a while now, you have most likely been taught, that you must read your Bible so that your “faith will grow.” Right?

WRONG! That is not the “source of faith” and I will prove it to you in this podcast. What you’ve been taught, even by well intentioned preachers, is not scriptural.

Learn the “truth” and it will set you free!!!

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Grace Is Not An Excuse

Why is it hard to tell sometimes, who is a Christian and who is not? Does God’s grace mean, now that we’ve asked Jesus into our lives that we’re free to live like we want and we’ll still go to heaven no matter what?

If you believe that, then please listen to this podcast. You may be headed in the wrong direction and not even know it…

Stay Here

Thank you for listening! Back on iTunes and now you can download any podcast to your iPod you want!

Talking about the way to be fruitful. After all, if we’re not fruitful… what’s the point?

Sovereignty Myth

Like many other “false doctrines” created by those who take scriptures out of context, the doctrine of the sovereignty of God seems to be another. God’s word is clear to those who read it and understand it, but to those who believe “wrong teaching” about God’s word, it’s a tool that the devil uses to manipulate their mind into unbelief.

Is God sovereign in the way you believe? Or is He sovereign in the way His word tells us He is?

The Dark Deception part 4

In this last part of The Dark Deception, we talk about the other ways that saints give more glory to the enemy, than to the very God who redeemed them from hell, death and the grave.

If we name the Name of Jesus, let’s stop being fooled by the enemy of our souls, and let’s “throw off” fallacies about the Word and God’s will that we learned wrongly, through false teachings or false doctrines and live for Him from now on!

The Gospel is Jesus Christ! Give Him the glory He so much deserves!

The Dark Deception part 3

Are you giving more glory to Satan than you are to God? If you believe and walk in a lie… then you are!

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 doctorates in Biblical studies, have attended the “best” seminaries or been lauded by kings and leaders across the planet.

Are you a “doer” of the Word and not just a “hearer” of the Word? Do you accuse those who have faith and trust in God, who take Him at His word? If you do, you’re glorifying the devil more than you realize.

If you name the Name of Jesus, do what He says and believe what He says…  Luke 6:46  “Why do you keep on saying that I am your Lord, when you refuse to do what I say?”

The Dark Deception part 1

“If God is for us… who can be against us?”

Satan of course! If he is our enemy, why do so many saints “co-operate” with him, to help bring their own destruction?

This 4 part series will cover the many ways that Christians “unknowingly” glorify Satan and prevent them from receiving all the blessings and benefits that God has provided for them.

This must stop and it must stop now!

Do We Need So Many Versions?

There are 8 major versions of the Bible. Why? Can’t we just settle on one and that should be good enough?

Doesn’t all the different versions make it confusing for people? How can they all be right?

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