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Does Your Pastor Know?

blindly followingThis podcast will NOT be popular with most pastors, teachers, evangelists or false prophets! If they KNOW the truth, why don’t they teach it?

I’ll tell you why in this podcast. I don’t have to win your vote or popularity contest. If you want to challenge this teaching, go to the Bible and prove me wrong.

Please show me the scriptures that back up the wrong teaching that you may have sat under all your Christian life!

You won’t find any that support the “tithe” as being for the church of Jesus Christ!

The Truth You Won’t Hear From Many Pastors

wolf-in-sheeps-clothingWhat Is A “False Teaching?” It’s simply a “teaching that is not the truth. It can be something taken “out of context” or an outright lie. But, either way, it’s going to be hurtful to the hearers.

The effect it can have on the hearers depends on the topic, but it will always have a negative effect on the hearer, IF they do not know the what the truth is when they hear a “false teaching.”

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