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Context Matters

joyI’m so tired of the “misinterpretation” of God’s Word! Why? Because wrong teaching results in wrong believing!

Understand God. Know His love for you! Know His will for you. Know His Word and you will know all of that!

Part 2 “Proof”

proof courtroomWe want proof! We won’t settle for opinions or someone else’s experiences…

The Bible is that proof that Jesus IS the Messiah. Other “religious” realms have NO proof and NO real foundation on which to build their faith.

They only build out from “emotions, opinions and false hope.”

A Christians “faith” is in the proven Savior. Proven to be who He said He is… This one fact separates this “religion” from all others…

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Prayer for USA

Today is the “National Day of Prayer” in America! So what? Will it make a difference in the lives of Americans?

Not until the church STOPS being “politically correct!” Being politically correct is NOT what we were called to be.

We were and are called to be “SC…”

Nothing will change in this country or any other country until we have determined to be “SC!”

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