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Between Cold and Hot

lukewarm woman

The worst place to hang out if you’re a Christian…

No, it’s not a bar or any other stereotypical “sinners hangout”… It’s a spiritual hangout that made Jesus say, He would “spit you out of His mouth.”

Listen to the podcast and find out how, even when we find ourselves here, God STILL has a way out for us!

Is Savior Enough?

Good shepherdWho are we trying to kid?

“If He didn’t “do” another thing for me in my entire life, He’s already done enough for me!”


Put your false religious piety away and just let Him be the Shepherd of your life!

Day Will Come

They’ve been saying it’s coming for over 2000 years now! The great return of God’s only Son… for His church.

No, it hasn’t happened yet… YET, is the key word in this…

It only means it hasn’t arrived yet, but it WILL happen as sure as the sun rises over the earth in the morning.



mormonThis past weekend, I had visitors. I saw them walking down the street and knocking on the doors of my neighbors across the street and knew they would soon be at mine.

They haven’t been here in my neighborhood for a long time, so naturally, I did what I should do when they came and rang my doorbell…

Grow Up

We all grow up physically, but some people barely grow in their Christian life.

Why? What’s the problem? Why do some seem to be growing everyday and others are always backbiting, striving and hurtful to other Christians and people that are lost?

Everythings Changed (When Jesus Came)

Jesus with children, early 1900s Bible illustr...

Sometimes we think it’s a history book. Sometimes we see it as a book about different people and their frailties.

And it contains all those elements, but it’s really many books about One Person. When you see it that way… your life will change forever!

John got it right when he said, “Jesus did many other things. If they were all written in books, I don’t suppose there would be room enough in the whole world for all the books.” John 21:25

Lord Of Love

crossWho is this God whose love for us went way beyond “affection” to “passion” for us, that He would sacrifice His own life?

He is “The Lord of Love”… He is the “Gospel, the Good News, the Lord of Love” and He proved it!

Enemy Or Friend?

We deceive ourselves all the time. We believe the sales pitch that if we get that product, we’ll be so much better off than we are now…

If we have that new car, life will be more fun. If we make more money etc… But the biggest deception may be our lives as with money


handsIt’s what the Apostle Paul learned… It’s what we all have to finally get in our hearts, if we’ll ever really be able to move on in our faith walk with Jesus!

Yes, you must know He loves you, but there’s one more powerful thing you MUST get… if you’re a Christian!

Reconcile Contradiction

If God really is a God of love??????? Why are so many people suffering all over this world?

Only an answer “based on TRUTH” is the right answer!

The “IF” question… usually tries to contradict the “answer based on truth” and leans to opinion “without truth”…

Light and Darkness

light and darknessAnd God said, “Let there be light… and God said, “It is good.”

And God “divided” the light from the dark. He separated the light from the dark…

What does this mean exactly?

Jesus was the “light of the world.” Is He the light of the believer?

Is The Birthday Over?

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Isn’t it a “birthday celebration?”

Not today it’s not! Not in the year 2010!

It’s become a “painful memory” of a claim that a man made over 2000 years ago that He was the “Son of the living God.”

Why do some people still celebrate His birthday into this world then?

“What harmony can there be between Christ and the Devil? How can a believer be a partner with an infidel?”

And yet now, the world calls a believer an infidel!

What Kind Of Investment Are You?

new testamentDo you realize that God is an Investor?

No, not in stocks, bonds or real estate… but, in people!

He has already made the investment. How He profits will be left up to you…

Did He make a good investment or not?

Did You Forget This About God?

I don’t know why people like to learn the hard way. We’ve all been there at one time or another, especially when we’re young.

“Don’t touch that stove… you’ll burn yourself.” WHY did we have to touch it?

Probably because:

  • we didn’t KNOW that it would burn us
  • we didn’t really believe the warning
  • we didn’t “feel” like listening to authority in our life, at the time
  • we thought we could “get away” with doing it…

Whatever the reason, we got BURNED!

Knowing the true character and nature of God’s love for us, will make us be more ready to obey. This podcast is about a too often forgotten part of God’s character.

Preparation H

Preparation H imageWhat a parallel with the common hemorrhoid cream, Preparation H.

We all have this in common. No not hemorrhoids! The Preparation H part…

Listen to the podcast to hear what I’m talking about.

The Middle Group

stranded in boatYou’re going to come to an end…

That may offend some of you, but it’s true. I will, you will, we all will come to the end of our lives on this earth as we know them now.

Will you have a future after this life?

Don’t believe the lies of this world, like “everyone will go to heaven when they die”… NO they won’t!

That’s like believing someone telling you that “putting gasoline on your face is good for your complexion.”

But what does it take to be someone who gets this privilege?

The truth is… there is ONLY one truth! Don’t be caught “in the middle!”

Do You Know Who You Are?

Oh sure, we have many people try to define who we are… You’re my mailman, you’re my dentist, you’re my co-worker…

But, do you know who YOU are?

If you’re a Christian, do you really know who you are? Or, have you missed it, even though it’s the most important thing for you to know?

Your Mind Or His?

This podcast in ONLY for those who “have ears to hear.”

It is a deeper message than many are ready to hear. If you judge yourself ready, than “dive right in.”

When the “natural” Meets the “supernatural.”

Stay Here

Thank you for listening! Back on iTunes and now you can download any podcast to your iPod you want!

Talking about the way to be fruitful. After all, if we’re not fruitful… what’s the point?

Trust Him

Where’s the joy? Why do so many Christians look like they’re sucking on a tart lemon all the time?

Is that the “abundant life” Jesus said we would have? I don’t believe that for a second.

There’s a reason for everything and there’s a reason for no joy and no abundance in life…

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