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Be Like Your Dad

kingdomchild girl cryingIt’s every “good” parents desire for their children to live a good and upright life. Does it seem that our heavenly Father would be less interested in our godly development in doing His will?

The heartache caused in this world is from those who don’t know this. They (people without this understanding) are the ones that satan can use to kill, steal and destroy the people that God loves.

We are no different than the world as believers, till we understand this one thing…



Our Focus

looking at Jesus


It’s ALL about Jesus. When a believer keeps his eyes on Jesus and nothing else… his world changes.

Sounds simple right? It really is.

Tomorrow WILL Come

Jesus on horseDid you know Jesus IS coming back? Are you acting and living like you know He’s coming back?

Many Christians are living like He never even came here to earth… Others, act like He’ll never be back again.

I read where He’ll be back on October 2011. Another group says it’s sometime in 2012…

Let me tell you when He’s coming back.

Apply The Benefits

If someone offers me a wonderful time in their 20 million dollar estate and tells me to make myself at home, using their kitchen, swimming pool, tennis courts, yacht, cars and whatever I would like… BUT, I never apply any of the benefits they offer me; won’t it be MY fault that I never “enjoyed” all the blessings offered?

Many Christians have not yet “applied” the many benefits that Jesus provided for us… through ignorance, hearing and believing “wrong teaching” and still walking according to their disobedient ways…

It’s time to start living in the “mansion!”

In The Will

“My people are undone because they don’t really know Me…

I left my will for them so they would know what I’ve provided, but they haven’t read it yet.”

This is what I hear God saying to His people. Christians… Saved people… Believers…

Just like an earthly will or last will and testament, you would need a lawyer or representative of the court to tell you what was in it for you…

But some believers never met with that lawyer or representative yet, and still haven’t made an appointment…

Being a Christian is MUCH more than having “a ticket punched for the air ride to heaven.”

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