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No Rules… Just Right

The famous slogan of a popular restaurant fits perfectly as the title of my podcast right now, because still today, too many believers have been sold a “lie” about “things” (works), they still have to do to grow in their Christian faith.

Many people have sat under “religious teachers” for so many years, they wouldn’t know the gospel of grace from “cult” teaching… They sound too much alike.

confused personThis is why so much of the Bible appears to be contradicting to them. Christianity is not enhanced by keeping rules and regulations, it is actually diminished.

Fear Is Not Faith

It seems simple enough. “Of course, I knew that already”…

But, did you know that when you try and enforce your will on another, you’re “walking in fear” also?

Christians have been called to “walk in love.” What does that really mean? Does it mean that we’re suppose to give everyone a “kiss kiss, Palm Beach hug and smile?”

All the Apostles spent time communicating what it means, but two Apostles spent a lot of time explaining it… (And one of them was His “half brother” James.)

Listen to this podcast and make sure you’re not “fooling yourself.”

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