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Not My Job

JobYou probably saw this and thought I was talking about something I don’t believe I’m responsible for, right? No… I’m talking about the man you think you know.

Job, the man that lost it all and got it all. This is one of the most misunderstood books in the entire Bible.

Hopefully for you, not anymore after you hear this…

As Real As It Gets

Like the loving trust a baby has for his mother, that’s the same kind of trust we’re to have in Christ Jesus. He didn’t come to condemn you…

We already have plenty of people around in this world who are ready to do that!

But He didn’t come for that reason. He came to Save you!

Will you say “yes” to His offer or will you stay “condemned?”

Without Him as your Savior, you’ll die the same way you came into this world… condemned!

Believer Or Christian?

You may say, “What’s the difference?” There’s a big difference!

Even the demons believe in God. They know Him as a real and living God. Then what’s the difference?

Form Of Gospel

When a person cooks certain things… they need to be stirred in order for them not to get “stuck” on the bottom of the pan.

Some believers, not understanding the scripture can seem to get “stuck” on the bottom and never realize they’re on the bottom, thinking they’re really on the top.

This study was pushed forward from my normal week ending podcast because it was so talked about in my area, that I felt burdened to get it out now.

I hope it helps you in your understanding of these scriptures.

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