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Don’t Be Deceived

kingdomchild new year podcastWe are entering a New Year, but it’s a new year of “deception” and uncertainty with a world going out of control and fear trying to take over.

There are more people falling for the enemies lies and deception than ever before.

The church is being deceived by her own big ministry Christian “rock stars.” (more…)

The Dark Deception part 2

Continuing our series on how do “saints” actually glorify Satan?

Of course, they would never knowingly do it, but wrong teaching from the “traditions of men” will lead to wrong behavior in Christians.

Until a believer really “knows” God, he/she will never experience the true “benefits and blessings” Jesus has provided for them.

Never again, place any blame on God for your inability to receive the benefits He has provided. Don’t glorify the enemy with your ignorance anymore.

Luke 6:46  And why do you call Me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?

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