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You Speak

JesusBaptized in “unbelief” is what too many Christians have been bathed in.

Most American Christians don’t know the Word because the things of this world have dominated their thoughts and activities.

Why is there no power in their lives? Why do they have little faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ?

Why is this world as bad as it is, when Jesus told us He was giving us His authority to “bind and loose?”

Secondary Consideration

stressed out ChristiansThe mystery of unfulfilled, anemic, defeated and immature Christians is really not that much of a mystery…

In this podcast, I go over once again the key to being a strong victorious, successful and joyful believer in Jesus Christ.

It’s probably nothing you haven’t heard a million times before… so, listen to it once more and see if it takes this time.

The Way Of Victory-The Way Of Power

There really is no difference…

The Way Of Victory-The Way Of Power. It’s what Jesus brought to the world. To the Jew first and then to the Gentiles.

It’s much more than our new birth… it’s where we abide in our new relationship. It’s not automatic. It’s very necessary for all Christians though.

Resolution 2012

I don’t believe in making New Years resolutions that are things I decide to “DO.” (lose weight, exercise more, be nicer, reach my business goals… you know the usual stuff.)

Why? Because I’m a Christian. (You’re thinking, “what is he talking about?” Goals are good!)

I’m NOT saying it’s wrong to have goals and hopes and dreams, but I’m saying that anything you think you’ll be attaining from your own efforts is a weak “resolution.”

We need help. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a “Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers” for people wanting to diet.

When we finally realize we need help too, we’ll be on our way to reaching God centered goals in our lives.

My goal for this year? Keep “religion” as far away from me and my family as possible… Happy New Year!

Enter My Place

peaceful manThis is my last podcast of the year 2010…

This new year will be another opportunity for you to “know Him better,” or it will just be another year.

For a Christian, there can never be “stagnation.” We live in a raging river of either “love or selfishness.”

With all God has provided for us… it would be a tragedy to be satisfied with “less than He intends” for you.

Decide, that this year, you’re tired of “settling” for this worlds way of “living.” Make this the best year of your life!

Happy New Year!

Light and Darkness

light and darknessAnd God said, “Let there be light… and God said, “It is good.”

And God “divided” the light from the dark. He separated the light from the dark…

What does this mean exactly?

Jesus was the “light of the world.” Is He the light of the believer?

The Dark Deception part 3

Are you giving more glory to Satan than you are to God? If you believe and walk in a lie… then you are!

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 doctorates in Biblical studies, have attended the “best” seminaries or been lauded by kings and leaders across the planet.

Are you a “doer” of the Word and not just a “hearer” of the Word? Do you accuse those who have faith and trust in God, who take Him at His word? If you do, you’re glorifying the devil more than you realize.

If you name the Name of Jesus, do what He says and believe what He says…  Luke 6:46  “Why do you keep on saying that I am your Lord, when you refuse to do what I say?”

Riding Two Horses

Why do Christians try to do the impossible, when even Jesus said it would be impossible? There are always choices to be made everyday.

Why do we think that there’s a better way to do things and think about things, when Jesus told us the way to do it?

When we finally do learn the truth, we have an incredibly blessed life!

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