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This Is WHY The Church Is Impotent

How is it possible to be a Christian, to see what the early church in Acts was like and yet be powerless in the year 2016?

Most believers are content to go have a “soul lifting,” feel good worship service and then go back to their routine the rest of the week and then… go back and do the same thing over again, week after week after week.

They never see lives changed or the Bible alive in their life or the lives of those they pray for. They have repented of their sins, accepted Jesus Christ and some have even been baptized, but what is lacking, that they don’t seem to DO the works that Jesus said we would do “and greater?”

Jesus was recorded saying it in the Gospels…

John 14:12 12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.

Mark 16:18 “they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

The Man Who Had It

mosesWhat makes a man like Moses or David or any modern man so great?

The story is about Moses, but all these men and women had this common thread running through their lives… the thing that made them all great!

Identity Crisis

identity crisisI covered this topic in a past podcast, but it looks like once is NOT enough. There are still too many beleievers who are stymied about who they are.

Are they a sinner saved by grace or are you who God says you are? Can you be a sinner and a saint?

Can a dog be a cat too?


transformed kingdomchildBeing “born of the Spirit” happens the moment you ask Jesus into your heart and life and receive His miracle of “salvation.

But why are so many believers struggling with life, relationships and the trials that face them?

The answer is all in their mind…

Take A Bath

May I ask you a few questions?

  1. Are you a Christian?
  2. Do you bathe everyday?
  3. How long have you gone without a bath?
  4. Do you STINK?

Yeah, I know these are pretty personal questions… Listen to the podcast and you’ll see why I ask you these…

Why Scoff?

tearing down crossThe time is coming soon when every “thing” that could remind people of Jesus Christ will be “torn down.” A statue of Jesus, a cross, a painting or any other reminder of the Name of Jesus will be removed by this man. Why?… because they don’t believe He ever came. The Apostle Peter said it in his second letter and the world will see it happen…


Jesus walks on waterI’ve come to the conclusion that, all believers MUST come to the same understanding that the disciples came to, in a moment of trial and awe…

It’s what our minds are focused on in this event and in our “events” that will get us the same results.

The Middle Group

stranded in boatYou’re going to come to an end…

That may offend some of you, but it’s true. I will, you will, we all will come to the end of our lives on this earth as we know them now.

Will you have a future after this life?

Don’t believe the lies of this world, like “everyone will go to heaven when they die”… NO they won’t!

That’s like believing someone telling you that “putting gasoline on your face is good for your complexion.”

But what does it take to be someone who gets this privilege?

The truth is… there is ONLY one truth! Don’t be caught “in the middle!”

Your Mind Or His?

This podcast in ONLY for those who “have ears to hear.”

It is a deeper message than many are ready to hear. If you judge yourself ready, than “dive right in.”

When the “natural” Meets the “supernatural.”

The Dark Deception part 1

“If God is for us… who can be against us?”

Satan of course! If he is our enemy, why do so many saints “co-operate” with him, to help bring their own destruction?

This 4 part series will cover the many ways that Christians “unknowingly” glorify Satan and prevent them from receiving all the blessings and benefits that God has provided for them.

This must stop and it must stop now!

No Vapor In Heaven

Our lives are so temporal… they are very short in length compared with forever.

The apostle James said, “Our lives are like a vapor… they’re like the morning dew.” Doesn’t last long at all….

Well, the opposite is true with “eternal” things. There is NO vapor in heaven…

So, since our lives are so brief, how should we think and live this short life? Jesus said to “build.”

Battle For Your Mind

Newspapers, nightly news, commercials, radio, at work conversations, shopping and everywhere else we go in this world… there’s a “battle to capture your thoughts!”

There’s a battle to influence your “mindset.” Even more than that, there’s a battle to “kill, steal and destroy” your way of thinking into hopelessness and despair.

The “antidote” is simple, but ignored most of the time. Why is there such a battle for your mind? It’s where everything starts from.

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