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transformed kingdomchildBeing “born of the Spirit” happens the moment you ask Jesus into your heart and life and receive His miracle of “salvation.

But why are so many believers struggling with life, relationships and the trials that face them?

The answer is all in their mind…

Take A Bath

May I ask you a few questions?

  1. Are you a Christian?
  2. Do you bathe everyday?
  3. How long have you gone without a bath?
  4. Do you STINK?

Yeah, I know these are pretty personal questions… Listen to the podcast and you’ll see why I ask you these…

Why Scoff?

tearing down crossThe time is coming soon when every “thing” that could remind people of Jesus Christ will be “torn down.” A statue of Jesus, a cross, a painting or any other reminder of the Name of Jesus will be removed by this man. Why?… because they don’t believe He ever came. The Apostle Peter said it in his second letter and the world will see it happen…

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