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Snakebite Forgotten

snake biting manYou probably NEVER heard a sermon about this sin…

And yet, it was considered to be in the same family as “sexual immorality, idol worship and the “BIG” ones” most preachers screech out at people.

But I don’t hear any one talking about it…

It is offensive to God… and especially coming from a Christian.

No Feeling, Just Faith

religious manMaybe if I pray enough… I’ll be worthy.

Maybe if I tithe enough… God will open the “windows of heaven” for me…

Maybe if I work harder to “be good” and do good… I’ll be healed.

Maybe if I fast longer God will… answer my prayers more.

And on and on the “false teachings” go.

God’s provisions are not obtained by any of these “methods.”

Between Cold and Hot

lukewarm woman

The worst place to hang out if you’re a Christian…

No, it’s not a bar or any other stereotypical “sinners hangout”… It’s a spiritual hangout that made Jesus say, He would “spit you out of His mouth.”

Listen to the podcast and find out how, even when we find ourselves here, God STILL has a way out for us!


detours of lifeWhat does DDD stand for? I’m glad you asked that question…

These three things are what stands in our way, every single day. Sometimes more than others.

Listen to the podcast and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Is Savior Enough?

Good shepherdWho are we trying to kid?

“If He didn’t “do” another thing for me in my entire life, He’s already done enough for me!”


Put your false religious piety away and just let Him be the Shepherd of your life!

Gospel Of…

rocket scientistWhat Gospel do you think it is?

There’s ONLY one real gospel and that means that all the “other gospels” are not the “true Gospel”… right?

It’s not rocket science…

Grow Up

We all grow up physically, but some people barely grow in their Christian life.

Why? What’s the problem? Why do some seem to be growing everyday and others are always backbiting, striving and hurtful to other Christians and people that are lost?

Religion Crucified

Religion CrucifiedThe day Jesus Christ allowed Himself to be crucified, was the day that “Religion” was also crucified. He opened the way for all of mankind to heaven’s gates and access to God, but also CLOSED the door to “religion” and any other way to reach Him. What foolishness for any man to think that there is ANY other way to reach heaven and eternity with God, apart from the way He provided…

Don’t follow ANY teaching that goes against the Word of God. Anything else is simply the word of man. Like the Bible says, Let every man be a liar and God be true.

Everythings Changed (When Jesus Came)

Jesus with children, early 1900s Bible illustr...

Sometimes we think it’s a history book. Sometimes we see it as a book about different people and their frailties.

And it contains all those elements, but it’s really many books about One Person. When you see it that way… your life will change forever!

John got it right when he said, “Jesus did many other things. If they were all written in books, I don’t suppose there would be room enough in the whole world for all the books.” John 21:25

Enemy Or Friend?

We deceive ourselves all the time. We believe the sales pitch that if we get that product, we’ll be so much better off than we are now…

If we have that new car, life will be more fun. If we make more money etc… But the biggest deception may be our lives as with money


Jesus walks on waterI’ve come to the conclusion that, all believers MUST come to the same understanding that the disciples came to, in a moment of trial and awe…

It’s what our minds are focused on in this event and in our “events” that will get us the same results.


handsIt’s what the Apostle Paul learned… It’s what we all have to finally get in our hearts, if we’ll ever really be able to move on in our faith walk with Jesus!

Yes, you must know He loves you, but there’s one more powerful thing you MUST get… if you’re a Christian!

Foolish News

confused manThe Good News is “foolishness.” It’s just plain “ridiculous!”  (According to any rational person of this world!)

Even the apostle Paul admitted it!

In my opinion, God should do this…

Reconcile Contradiction

If God really is a God of love??????? Why are so many people suffering all over this world?

Only an answer “based on TRUTH” is the right answer!

The “IF” question… usually tries to contradict the “answer based on truth” and leans to opinion “without truth”…

Enter My Place

peaceful manThis is my last podcast of the year 2010…

This new year will be another opportunity for you to “know Him better,” or it will just be another year.

For a Christian, there can never be “stagnation.” We live in a raging river of either “love or selfishness.”

With all God has provided for us… it would be a tragedy to be satisfied with “less than He intends” for you.

Decide, that this year, you’re tired of “settling” for this worlds way of “living.” Make this the best year of your life!

Happy New Year!

What Kind Of Investment Are You?

new testamentDo you realize that God is an Investor?

No, not in stocks, bonds or real estate… but, in people!

He has already made the investment. How He profits will be left up to you…

Did He make a good investment or not?

As Real As It Gets

Like the loving trust a baby has for his mother, that’s the same kind of trust we’re to have in Christ Jesus. He didn’t come to condemn you…

We already have plenty of people around in this world who are ready to do that!

But He didn’t come for that reason. He came to Save you!

Will you say “yes” to His offer or will you stay “condemned?”

Without Him as your Savior, you’ll die the same way you came into this world… condemned!

Preparation H

Preparation H imageWhat a parallel with the common hemorrhoid cream, Preparation H.

We all have this in common. No not hemorrhoids! The Preparation H part…

Listen to the podcast to hear what I’m talking about.

Gift Of Peace

Archangel Michael tramples Satan
Image via Wikipedia

If “you” had thousands of years to perfect your skills, you would be very proficient at what you do too!

Satan has stolen from saints for centuries and will continue to “steal” understanding of what you have in Christ, until you really understand exactly what Christ Jesus has provided for you, you will still “live like a pauper in a Kings mansion.”

This lesson is probably one of the most valuable studies I could do for you as a Christian!

Listen and receive it! It is the truth! It WILL make you FREE!

The Dark Deception part 1

“If God is for us… who can be against us?”

Satan of course! If he is our enemy, why do so many saints “co-operate” with him, to help bring their own destruction?

This 4 part series will cover the many ways that Christians “unknowingly” glorify Satan and prevent them from receiving all the blessings and benefits that God has provided for them.

This must stop and it must stop now!

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