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Don’t Go To War Naked

soldiersToo many Christians are still “unaware” of the enemy. Is it the bad Democrats or the uncaring Republicans?

Is it the left-wing liberals that have destroyed values and left common sense in the wake of godlessness?

Or is it Islam, cults and the apostasy in the world now? In the “natural” level it is…

But, if you do war and battle on that field, you have shown up at the wrong place to fight.

What Is A Real Christian Part 2

resting in JesusWe continue in 1 John and go against some false teaching about your spirit being saved. Let’s find out what God says about being like Jesus.

Can we ever be perfect like Him? You may be surprised.

Most Powerful Element On Earth 1

God's loveJesus warned of many things that would take us away from the most important thing, but it’s still possible for us to fulfill His will.

It’s only reasonable to see that since He is God, that His main attribute would be most evident in this world of people that He SO loves.

And to prove what He says, He would send His ONLY Son for us. (This is the first of a two part teaching.)

Defend Yourself Or Allow Him

hostageThis seems to be a “quandary” for many believers. A real question. A real dilemma.

Well, it can be if you decide His way is NOT enough or doesn’t apply to the seriousness of “today’s” circumstances.

This podcast explores what He said and if you decide to disagree with me, that’s OK.

Let The Spirit Fill And Control You

let the Spirit guide youSo many Christians have never learned what Paul was talking about to the church. He wrote to the Ephesians, the Philippians, the Corinthians and all the church about being a Christian.

Are you often asked if you are a Christian or are you NEVER asked?

Are You Willing To Hear 3

are you listeningThis is the last podcast on the message to the church as revealed to the Apostle John. The last three churches of chapters 2 & 3.

Let him who has ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit of God is saying to the church.

The Greatest Transformation and Proof of Jesus Christ

apostle paulI’m sure there are some who might argue this point with me, but I’m convinced that this one man has served so many purposes for Jesus Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ.

This was the man that God wanted all along to replace Judas, he just didn’t know it yet… until that day!

His conversion occurred on the road to Damascus, but his life and call took him to the entire world!

When you take a man with zeal and commitment and direct him in the right direction, the results are amazing!

I’ll Admit It


I am the new Kingdom Child Contributor, Erik Dattwyler. Id like to thank Steve for allowing me a spot to place some of my writings

I hope they are relevant to you and your life in some way.

Feel free to leave a comment.

earsI had a head stuffed full of Jesus and bible knowledge for 30 years,all the while a blackness down in my heart that no one could see through my clothes of “Christian living”.

I came to the point where I questioned a God who hated me because I was not good enough. It is an evil cycle of needing God’s help to stop sinning, but Him withholding it because you sin too much.

I only mentally agreed with the concept of Jesus, but went about trying to earn God’s favor with my behavior, or doing things for the church, or saying to myself “I am deep down a good person.”

I knew my spiritual problem had to have a spiritual solution! Standing there on the brink of giving up on God. He got this 100% Grace view of the Gospel to me.


Then……………………I discovered I had never been saved in the first place!

The proof is in the life change.
The proof is by the fruit the Holy Spirit produces in me.

The blackness was gone,
The want to sin is gone,
The NEED to sin is gone,
and now I laugh at all the things I used to do because I couldn’t stop doing them, even though , I wanted to stop doing them, but couldn’t stop doing them
(Romans 7:14-24)

I had people asking what had changed me!

There was a veil over my eyes
I could not see clearly

2 Corinthians 3:14
But the people’s minds were hardened, and to this day whenever the old covenant is being read (Preached), the same veil covers their minds so they cannot understand the truth. And this veil can be removed only by believing in Christ (fulfilled the old covenant).

Now the veil was removed through the revelation from the Holy Spirit

1. That I was Completely FREE

  • Free from needing or wanting to sin (And shockingly you wont miss it either)
  • Free from performance anxiety (doing enough good for God, to pay for my salvation. I owed God back for what he did for me.)
  • Free from church/religion rules (what to wear, what to give, how to help,when and where to attend, how to socially act)

2. That I was broken, am I still broken

  • I was a mess, my life was a mess, and on my own power….I made it a mess
  • I was not, and I still am not strong enough to fix my life
  • That only with giving Jesus every decision in my life…..that God can fix my life…And to always give it to him, cause ill screw things up for sure (I have a track record to prove it)

3. That God’s Grace and Love is unfathomable to me

  • He loved me, for the 30 years I sinned, I disobeyed, I did my own thing…HE waited patiently for me
  • He loves me, even when I fall for temptation now…Like a father He picks me up and brushes me off, and encourages me
  • He will love me for eternity…He has made me a heir, a family member, a son, promising me he will never take it from me. Allowing me to have 100% confidence.
  • He sees me blameless and holy all the time, He answers my prayers, He protects me, He favors me, I am his special one.

If you were me….allow me to help you get Religion out of the way of your relationship with God

If the veil can be removed for a guy like me…I’m sure it can be for you as well

Jesus said:
Matthew 13:15
For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.

Written with Love,

Make God Do It

wrestling GodI can just hear the religious people out there… “You can’t make God do anything!”

Are you sure? Maybe there is a way to “make God do it…”

Jesus Is Greater

Greater than what? Greater than everything!

Jesus is greaterBut how does that relate to a believer? How does that relate to the religious believers?

The Way Of Victory-The Way Of Power

There really is no difference…

The Way Of Victory-The Way Of Power. It’s what Jesus brought to the world. To the Jew first and then to the Gentiles.

It’s much more than our new birth… it’s where we abide in our new relationship. It’s not automatic. It’s very necessary for all Christians though.

He Spoke To Us

I have never heard this taught before by anyone… pastor, preacher, evangelist or anyone.

Sometimes the simplest things are right under our noses, but until the Holy Spirit opens them to us, we just continue to “roll like usual.”

I’ve discovered the purpose of Christians… (no, not individually for “work, calling” etc…), but what Jesus called us as believers to be.

Sounds simple right? You might be surprised.

Resolution 2012

I don’t believe in making New Years resolutions that are things I decide to “DO.” (lose weight, exercise more, be nicer, reach my business goals… you know the usual stuff.)

Why? Because I’m a Christian. (You’re thinking, “what is he talking about?” Goals are good!)

I’m NOT saying it’s wrong to have goals and hopes and dreams, but I’m saying that anything you think you’ll be attaining from your own efforts is a weak “resolution.”

We need help. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a “Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers” for people wanting to diet.

When we finally realize we need help too, we’ll be on our way to reaching God centered goals in our lives.

My goal for this year? Keep “religion” as far away from me and my family as possible… Happy New Year!

Grow Up

We all grow up physically, but some people barely grow in their Christian life.

Why? What’s the problem? Why do some seem to be growing everyday and others are always backbiting, striving and hurtful to other Christians and people that are lost?


preacherThis podcast should “expose” one of the most insidious plots of Satan on Christians since the Garden of Eden! Since he couldn’t keep you from coming to Christ in the first place, he’ll do the next best thing to defeat you and keep you from God’s best… Do you know what that is?

Don’t say, “That’s not me you’re talking about”… until you listen to this podcast.

Enemy Or Friend?

We deceive ourselves all the time. We believe the sales pitch that if we get that product, we’ll be so much better off than we are now…

If we have that new car, life will be more fun. If we make more money etc… But the biggest deception may be our lives as with money

What Kind Of Investment Are You?

new testamentDo you realize that God is an Investor?

No, not in stocks, bonds or real estate… but, in people!

He has already made the investment. How He profits will be left up to you…

Did He make a good investment or not?

The Middle Group

stranded in boatYou’re going to come to an end…

That may offend some of you, but it’s true. I will, you will, we all will come to the end of our lives on this earth as we know them now.

Will you have a future after this life?

Don’t believe the lies of this world, like “everyone will go to heaven when they die”… NO they won’t!

That’s like believing someone telling you that “putting gasoline on your face is good for your complexion.”

But what does it take to be someone who gets this privilege?

The truth is… there is ONLY one truth! Don’t be caught “in the middle!”

The Dark Deception part 4

In this last part of The Dark Deception, we talk about the other ways that saints give more glory to the enemy, than to the very God who redeemed them from hell, death and the grave.

If we name the Name of Jesus, let’s stop being fooled by the enemy of our souls, and let’s “throw off” fallacies about the Word and God’s will that we learned wrongly, through false teachings or false doctrines and live for Him from now on!

The Gospel is Jesus Christ! Give Him the glory He so much deserves!

The Dark Deception part 3

Are you giving more glory to Satan than you are to God? If you believe and walk in a lie… then you are!

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 doctorates in Biblical studies, have attended the “best” seminaries or been lauded by kings and leaders across the planet.

Are you a “doer” of the Word and not just a “hearer” of the Word? Do you accuse those who have faith and trust in God, who take Him at His word? If you do, you’re glorifying the devil more than you realize.

If you name the Name of Jesus, do what He says and believe what He says…  Luke 6:46  “Why do you keep on saying that I am your Lord, when you refuse to do what I say?”

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